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An environment designed with children ages six weeks–Pre-K in mind.

Welcome to SMSK kids where kids can learn about Christ and incorporate Him on the playground at school and their everyday life. 


Join us for Sundayschool after liturgy during Fr. John’s sermon. Parents can grab a cup of coffee before heading back to pick up their kids as they wrap up a cool craft to take home! 


We’re so happy you can join us to illuminate the light in their inner candle so that your kids may bring glory to His name! We love you and can’t wait to have you join our family.

Image by Kuanish Reymbaev


Your preschooler can plan on lots of singing, dancing, and learning every week.

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Image by Artem Kniaz


We've designed our content with preschoolers in mind. Catch up on past videos you missed or watch them again!

Parenting is an important job!

You want to get it right and raise great kids. We want to help!

We have a plan to help every child discover God, no matter their age!

Your child will learn:

  1. God MADE me.

  2. God LOVES me.

  3. Jesus wants to be my FRIEND forever.

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This month in Waumba Land, your child is learning . . .

Young Boys Racing Wearing Watermelon Helmets
Image by Ben Wicks

Conversation Card

Prompts for conversation between yourself and your kiddo!

Image by Marisa Howenstine

Verse Cling

Put this verse up in a place where you and your child see it every day!

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Here's how to start your journey.

Kids Dancing

Fun Music Video

Get ready to clap, dance and spin

Building Blocks

Raising Grateful Preschooler

Teach your child about gratitude

Yellow Vest

Make Obedience Stick

Helping your kids obey right away

Kids in the Museum

Stay Connected

Follow us on instagram

Lesbian Couple with Baby

For Parents

Resources and opportuinites

Teacher's Day

Waumba land is on Youtube

Good, Safe FUN!

This month in Waumba Land, your child is learning . . .

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Join Our Team

We are looking for great people who want to have FUN

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Have Questions?

We'd love to help

Here's how to start your journey.

Art Class

Middle School

Student who have faith of their own

Art Class

Elementary School

Preparing kids to take on high roads

High School Friends

High School

Positive influences and good friends

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