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Establishing a Habit of Connecting with God

Do you wish you could hear from God?

In our relationships with other people, we grow by being present and listening to each other. The same is true for our relationship with God.

God desires a close relationship with each one of us.

But we must choose to make time for him and to quiet the world around us to hear from him.

We want to help you create a habit of spending consistent time with God.

We’ve provided a short video with tips on connecting with God. We’ve also provided a way to access reading plans to get you started.

Explore Plans

The Bible for Grown-Ups

5-Day Reading Plan

Many of us know some Bible stories, but very few of us know the story of the Bible. Do you know how the Bible came to be? Knowing the story of the Bible is as important as knowing what’s in the Bible because if you don’t know it, it’s easy to discount or dismiss the stories in the Bible. In this 5-day reading plan, Andy explores the story of how we got the Bible and how it sheds light and gives us insight into the stories in the Bible.

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Five Things God Uses to Grow Your Faith

6-Day Reading Plan

Your faith in God matters to God. And he’s committed to growing it. Big. Imagine how differently you would respond to difficulties, temptations, and even good things if you knew with certainty that God was in all of it and was planning to leverage it for good. In this reading plan, Andy Stanley builds a biblical case for five things God uses to grow BIG faith.

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4-Day Reading Plan

Whether you are starting a new year, or you just want to make a change, these principles will help you have a better year than the last. Learn how to let go of what is hindering you and allow God to lead you to a better life.

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When, God?

7-Day Reading Plan

Have you ever felt like God was inattentive, uncooperative, or late? In this 7-day reading plan, Andy Stanley shares stories from the New Testament about three different men who felt that God was not responding in their time of need. These stories teach us that we can walk through difficult times and know that God is still with us—he isn’t inattentive, he isn’t uncooperative, and he is never, ever late.

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